Gigalog S
File Length Calculation

Sample rate ad=
Line of data in log file: characters
Sampling period: days

Amount of data per day: bytes, in period: bytes.

Low Power Mode Current Calculation

Low power mode is only useful, when sample rate is 30 seconds or slower.
Based on firmware version 1705 or newer.
Board production qc=1704, older, or unknown: qc=1705, or newer:

Brown out detector bo=
Qrate sample to storage (default is 1) lp=1,0,

Ftp to Server:
Send data all: ( Based on Qftp: mAs)

Qtotal= mAh

Alcaline type batteries:
Type count Usabale charge aboutEnd voltage Period (days)
PP6 / 6LR61 1 500 mAh 6 V
AAA / LR03 5 800 mAh 6 V
AA / LR06 5 1500 mAh 6 V
D / LR20 5 10000 mAh 6 V
Your battery mAh

With Ftp, battery must be able to supply a peak current of 1.2 A (6V)
Does not take in account additional currents from external sensors or peripherals.
Gigalog S with graphic display, low power mode: See manual.
Connecting several boards, low power mode: See manual.

Example 1:
Battery: 1x PP6/6LR61 Alcaline Varta High Energy, Sandisk Ultra,
Sample rate ad=1m, bo=0, lp=1,0,0
Calculated: battery will hold for 51 days.
Measured: 58 days of good data, battery dead after 64 days.
Logged data

Example 2:
Battery: 6x AAA/LR03 Alcaline Duracell Plus Power MN2400, Sandisk Ultra,
Sample rate ad=1m, bo=1, lp=1,0,10,
Ftp to server all 60m,
Calculated: battery will hold for 19 days.
Measured: 24 days of good data, and ftp.
Logged data